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The Commission works to ensure that if you are injured in traffic you will receive reasonable and uniform compensation for your personal injury.

Your case will be considered by the Commission if:

  • your degree of medical disability is at least 10 per cent. In that case the Commission will propose compensation for permanent incapacity and inconveniences and, if applicable, costs and loss of income,

  • your loss of income is at least half a base amount per year (the base amount of the year of injury). In that case the Commission will propose compensation for loss of income,

  • it concerns loss of support for survivors of a deceased person,

  • it is a matter of reassessment.

You are also entitled to have your case heard

If you are dissatisfied with the decision of the insurance company concerning right to compensation for personal injury after a traffic accident. (If you were injured by an uninsured, unknown or foreign vehicle your claim will be dealt with by the Swedish Motor Insurers in the same way as an insurance company).

If you wish to have the case heard by the Commission you should contact your company. The company will then prepare the case for review.

 This is how your case is dealt with

Get in contact with the office of the Commission

Phone: +46 8 522 787 00

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